Glitterati set of 3 bangles

Glitterati set of 3 bangles

SKU: BP001

This set of three bangles is made for you. They're black and they're covered in glitter. What more could you want?


The bangles are handmade from many, many layers of paper, painted, sealed and varnished to protect them from the weather. They're lightweight but super tough AND they don't make all those annoying clanking sounds some bangles can make.



6.5cm (2.5in) across the internal space. Don't forget your hand has to fit through as well...

1cm (0.4in) wide

0.5cm (0.2in) thick


Please note: Because these items are handmade, there will be slight variations from item to item. That makes them unique!

  • The paper jewellery in this store has been treated with many layers of sealer and varnish.

    • If it gets dirty, wipe with a damp cloth.
    • If it gets wet, wipe with a dry cloth.
    • If it gets saturated, wipe dry as much as possible, then leave in the sun to dry.

    While all care has been taken to ensure water resistance, it's best if you still treat the jewellery with care - don't wear in the shower or when swimming.


    Silver plate

    Many of the items in this store are made with silver plated chains, rings etc. ALL silver items, even silver-plated will tarnish over time when exposed to the air. Please store your jewellery in it's original gift box. If it does become tarnished, it can easily be cleaned with a silver polishing cloth.