©2020 Jen Fullerton

Grey areas

Grey areas was my Honours graduating work, investigating the significance of formal properties in the perception of sculpture. 

More specifically, it considered the degree to which qualities such as shape, scale, materiality and positioning could combine to create dynamic and compelling sculptures, when there was no overt content or narrative. 

Considering the work of artists such as Robert Morris, Anne Truitt and Anish Kapoor, and studying movements and art forms such as Formalism, Minimalism and Installation, led to experiments with several materials and forms before constructing sets of non-representational paper sculptures.

I also undertook an analysis of Installation art, to understand the significance of formal spatial qualities on the perception of sculpture – how a work’s positioning in a gallery space could affect the way it is perceived. Exploiting spatial formal properties to create relationships between the sculptures allowed room for


relationships to also develop between work and viewer.

The final body of work comprised multiple installations, each containing similar sculptures of various scales, in similar colours and shapes. The differences within, and between, each installation were intended to provide a space for the viewer to perceive, and re-perceive, similar objects in multiple ways.